By far one of the most profound experiences I have had. I settled in, I couldn’t feel my body, and then my my mind turned off. Literally pure bliss... Would recommend to anyone that’s an athlete, looking to destress, or for just having the chillest day ever! Awesome that it’s in Waterloo too!
— Adam DC | Facebook

What Can Floating Do?


Heal Your Body

Floating alleviates many chronic pains by relieving gravity's pressure on joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. Your body's systems can reset themselves.  


Empower Your Brain

Floating releases pleasing dopamine and raises endorphin levels.  It shuts down your daily flood of stress hormones, stimuli, and mental chatter.  It leaves you highly alert but calm, heightening your ability to visualize and to generate productive ideas.

Deepen Meditation

Floating automatically induces a deep inward state of mind.  It silences your overactive stress responses, leaving you tranquil, in a state of meditative calm.  


Relax You Totally

Floating turns your quiet tank into a biofeedback machine, gradually eliminating your elevated levels of stress.  You slip into a profound, rejuvenating state of relaxation and well-being. 

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What Makes Float Tanks Work?



The water and air are heated to the exact temperature of your skin.  After a few minutes, when you are totally still and relaxed, you lose your sense of touch and your proprioception.  That means you lose your sense of motion, position, and equilibrium.  You really feel like you are floating. 


900 lbs of Salt

About 900 lbs of Epsom Salts are dissolved in 10 inches of water.  This makes the water hyper-bouyant, so that you naturally float on the surface of the water without trying.  Now, you are free of many of the effects of gravity.  


No Light or Sound

The float tank blocks all light and sound from bombarding your brain.  Soon enough, you melt into a deep state of relaxation.

Did You Know that Floats can be Covered by Insurance when Booking RMT Hydrotherapy Floats?

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What an experience. Rejuvenating, relaxing, peaceful, safe. Staff are thorough and friendly. Rooms are immaculately clean. You must try it for yourself.
— Erene G. | Facebook


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