It took us only one float in 2014 to convince us that everyone deserves a chance to float. 

So we've created a new Float Centre for the Waterloo Region, confident that floating will benefit almost everyone who--like us--wants to start their own floating history.

At its core, floating in a qualified float chamber is simple but very powerful.  Floating demands so little of you, yet it gives so much back, especially as you regularly re-visit your float chamber.  Both on-going research and innumerable testimonials tell many stories of floating's rewards.  Deep-seated stress melts away, leading to a sustained state of relaxed calm that lasts well beyond your time in the float tank.  Many manage their different types of pain with no effort.  Floating in the stillness of a tank dissolves mental distractions, freeing your brain to visualize with a brilliant intensity.  Your creativity is released in surprising ways.

We want all these things and more for everyone.  To that end, Flowt K-W will offer prices and memberships and successive programs that give as many people as possible a chance to float regularly.  

Our mission is to help all people explore floating's many benefits to better their lives, providing them with a floating sanctuary that is affordable, clean, and comfortable.