Relief of chronic Stress

Your float tank shuts out the world for 90 minutes. Your nervous system gets a long quiet break, and your body can reset away from the acute stressors and relentless pressures of your daily life. Floating even reduces cortisol, a high-anxiety hormone released by your adrenal glands.


Management of Pain

When you float on top of water super-saturated with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), gravity loses its power over your body. Your spine can fully decompress and you stretch out and float, weightless. Research and testimonials tell us that the reduced effects of gravity can help arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and inflammation.


Deep Relaxation

Floating suppresses your "flight or fight" response. Instead, it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for helping you relax and heal. So, your muscles relax, your blood pressure drops, and your stress hormones decrease. Floating in a tank triggers your body to release endorphins, enhancing your mood so you are calm and clear when you leave your float tank.


Healing Your Injuries

Gravity pulls the weight of your body onto any injury, whether that be muscles, joints, tendons, tissues or bones. Gravity even masks muscular tensions and imbalances. But the weightless effect of floating relieves the strain of gravity. Floating allows your blood and lymphatic fluids to circulate more freely and carry away harmful toxins. Muscular tension melts.


Absorbing Magnesium

When you float in a chamber, you absorb magnesium through your hair and skin. Many of us--especially athletes--know that Epsom Salts (or magnesium sulfates) speed up the removal of lactic acid from our bodies. That way your body recovers more quickly from strenuous workouts. But magnesium helps in so many more ways. Increased magnesium can combat cardiovascular disease, regulate blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, provide PMS relief, and strengthen bones and teeth.



Once you are in your float chamber, your brain doesn't have to deal with sights, sounds, touch, speech, or how to keep your body upright and moving against gravity. That's why your brain goes into a theta brainwave state as you float. Now, you are both extremely relaxed and intensely alert. That's when your brain is at its best for mental rehearsal or visualizing. Whether you are an athlete, a student, a business executive, or an artist, float tanks give you an edge.

Modifying Your Behaviours

Just because floating provides you with so many other benefits to your mind and body, it also helps you battle your negative behaviours. Floating decreases stress, increases calm, and really heightens mental clarity. The cumulative effect of all these benefits is that you learn to see the negative patterns in your life more clearly. Research shows floating effectively combats many negative behaviours. Floating has helped battle smoking and other addictions, decrease anxiety and depression, and reverse weight gain.

Elevating Your Creativity

Floating increases your right-brain function. Outside the float tank, in your everyday world, your brain's left hemisphere rules. That's what helps you think analytically, sequentially, and logically. Inside your float tank, your left hemisphere can't stay dominant anymore. There is not enough for it to do. So, the right hemisphere of your brain gets to play more of a role while you are floating. Your right brain is mostly nonverbal, intuitive, nonlinear, and it loves images. That's why floating really elevates your creativity. Your float tank is a great place to come up with new ideas, solve problems, and generate new and surprising art work.

Better Meditation

Float tanks are a perfect environment to take you into a distraction-free inward state. You can achieve this state quicker and much more easily than most other places, and floating allows you to remain in this state longer than you could outside a float tank.

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