Just a Few Simple Techniques Will Help You Slip Into Floating Bliss.

Sit First

You are entering water that is hyper-bouyant.  So sit down in the water first.  Once you are situated, then slowly lay back.  You will automatically float.  It's that simple.

Just Breathe

Remember, you are in your float tank to let your body, mind, and spirit calm down and relax.  Consciously inhale and exhale slowly through your nostrils at first.  After a while, just forget about any efforts to breathe.  Instead, just notice your body breathing for you.

Find Your Position

Start by positioning your body in the middle of the tank.  Your goal is to start in the middle of the tank and stay in the middle.  It's best to brace the sides of the tank with your arms and legs to position yourself and then slowly--very slowly--retract your limbs back away from the sides of the tank.  Then, trial both of these 2 positions and figure out what works best for you:  1) your arms overhead with your palms up; or 2) your arms at your sides with your palms down.  You need to figure out what's best for you, because each position has a different effect on the curvature of your spine.

Neck Pillow and Pool Noodle

Can't find a comfortable floating posture?  Then try our head pillows and pool noodles for better alignment and comfort.  Experiment.

Be Still

The magic happens when you remain still while floating.  Soon enough, you won't be able to tell where your body ends and the warm water or warm air begins.  But you have to remain still.

Pay Attention

Floating still and quiet in your tank, you will have no means of noticing anything outside of you.  Your brain will be missing so much of its normal stimuli.  So your nervous system will try to sense anything it can.  This is your chance to pay attention and scan anything and everything inside you.  Like never before, you will be able to sense your whole body:  your arms, legs, torso, muscles, and joints. At the same time, you can just float and also observe everything else inside you:  other sensations you've never noticed before, emotions, thoughts, and images. 

Let Go

There is nothing for you to do.  Don't even try.  Just be present.  Just float.

Enjoy your float!

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