Preparing for your float

Here are some helpful tips that we've learned to make your float the best it can be.


Avoid shaving (or waxing) your body 12 hours before a float, although men who regularly shave their beards can shave 6 hours beforehand.  Epsom salt stings!


Just follow through on your normal daily hydration.  Even brains need water!


Eat a light meal no sooner than an hour before you float.  Not too much food; not too little.


Before you shower and before you float, use the washroom one last time.  Can you imagine if nature called halfway through your float?


Avoid that last minute caffeine fix.  Stimulants and floating just don't mix.


 If you can, don't give into that craving just before you float.  Too much stimulation.  Who knows, by the end of your float, that craving might have disappeared.

Before your Float

1. Book your float on a day and time that works for you.

2. Show up about 5-10 minutes before your float.  If this is your first float, come 15 minutes early for your orientation session.  We want your first float to be great!

3. Make sure to turn off your phone.  Remember, one of your goals is silence.

4. Remove any makeup, jewelry or contacts you're wearing,  and brush your hair.

5. Shower using the shampoo and body wash we provide for you.  Do not use the conditioner before your float.

6. Dry out your ears and securely place the earplugs we provide.

Enjoy Your Float

After your Float

1. Music will slowly fade into your float chamber as your session ends.

2. Take care when you step out of your chamber and into the shower to rinse off the salt water.  Use our shampoo, body wash and post-float conditioner.

3. Feel free to use our Vanity Room.  You'll find hair dryers, other equipment, and toiletries there for your use.

4. Join us in the Lounge for a post-float tea before you leave.

Enjoy your post-float-Glow!

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