13 Ways Float Therapy Could Help the Blue Jays Win the World Series

"Toronto Blue Jays home opener, 2010" by Blue JaysFan32

I have to admit it. I have Blue Jay fever.

After watching the Blue Jays win Game 4 last night, I fell asleep relieved we were going to Game 5.  However, as I rested my head on my pillow, I was still anxious about the upcoming game. 

I don't remember anything after that.  I must have slipped out of consciousness.

The Dream

The next thing that happened to me was The Dream.

It began with me behind the Blue Jay's dugout, all of us fans screaming, shouting, stomping, going crazy.  I was yelling myself hoarse.

Suddenly--as can only happen in a dream--I was transported into the Blue Jays' locker room.  I could hear the ruckus above in the stadium, but I had the entire locker room to myself.


Just then, a lone trainer appeared, pressed a button on the far wall of the locker room, and a huge door slid open.  I couldn't believe what I saw!!  My jaw dropped. 


The Blue Room

There was a secret cavernous room lit in a soft blue light that came from everywhere and nowhere.  At first, I couldn't make out anything.

Gradually,  I saw I was standing in front of 50 float tanks arranged in 5 neat rows.  In the dark, I could barely make out the numbers stencilled onto the doors of each float tank.  I spotted a few of my favourite numbers: 6, 19, 20, 43, 54, and 55.

Then I realized what I was looking at.  Each Blue Jay had their own dedicated float tank hidden in a secret room.

The List

In my dream, I finally stepped into the soft light of the secret blue room, and the huge door slid shut behind me. 

It was dead quiet inside.  I no longer could hear the crowds in the stadium.

That's when I noticed that on top of each gleaming white float tank, there was a large clipboard, and on each clipboard there were identical checklists.

I stepped up to the tank with a big #6 stencilled on it and reached for the clipboard.  The checklist was divided into 2 parts.

Checklist Part 1:  Before the Game

I read Part 1, entitled "Before the Game".

Here's what it said:  "Before you step into your float tank, aim for the following":

  1. Reduce your jet lag
  2. Locate your deep tissue injuries while floating
  3. As you float, identify any imbalanced muscle tension
  4. Release your stress
  5. Eliminate noisy thoughts for better focus and concentration
  6. Visualize key movements
  7. Do not leave the tank until you have achieved mental clarity
  8. Leave relaxed, go home, and sleep well.

I looked around the room.  I couldn't find the trainer who had originally opened the door to this secret Blue Room, so I kept on reading the checklist.

Checklist Part 2:  After the Game

Part 2 of the checklist began with these words:  "After your post-game float, check off which benefits especially applied to you after today's game":

Here's the list of benefits I read in my dream:

  1. Release of lactic acid
  2. Better flow of lymphatic fluids
  3. Relief of pain
  4. Reduced fatigue
  5. Accelerated recovery from injuries
  6. Boosted levels of energy
  7. Relaxed muscles

I saw checkmarks beside every one of these.  No wonder these guys looked so good!

Just then, in my dream, I heard a loud noise behind me as the huge door to the Blue Room slid open! I had been found out!!

As it turned out, my dog was scratching at our bedroom door and woke me up.

The secret and silent Blue Room, the numbered float tanks, the clipboards and checklists all turned out to be only a dream.

But the 13 benefits to float therapy are not a dream.

Your Checklist

Make your own checklist of how float therapy helps you.

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