Floating for my Sanity. #lifeofasinglemom: My First Floats

I am SO excited to discover that the KW area FINALLY has a place to float. 

I have been driving to Toronto once a month for almost a year, just to float.  Paying $80 each time; $15 for parking, and--what!?-- $10-$15 per trip for gas!! 

Then, of course, factor in the time it takes traveling to and from TO and the stress of driving.  I honestly don't know how people drive in that city daily during rush hour, with one-way streets everywhere! 

Anyway, floating--for me--has become my little piece of heaven on earth.  It is my "me time".  I get to shut out the world and focus only on me.  As a full-time working, single 24/7 mom of two kids, this is a rarity!

My First Few Floats

I recall the first few times I floated.  I could not allow my mind to relax. 

I was worried about getting trapped in the pod. My mind wandered off to just how clean the water really was.  And then I kept wondering how long I had been in the pod, how much time had passed, and how much time was left.

I stretched my arms out to the side, then over my head, then down by my sides.  I kept worrying I wasn't doing it right. 

Looking back, it's actually quite funny.  I was stressing myself out when I was supposed to be relaxing and letting everything go.  Typical for me.

I will admit, upon exiting the pod after my first float, I licked my arm.  I expected it to be like it is after swimming in the ocean.  Just in case you are at all curious, it is not!!!


My Third Float

It took me three floats to allow myself to completely let go, to relax and unwind and enjoy my time. 

I felt highly aware, and I could feel my body letting go of tension that I did not even realize my body had been holding onto. 

I remember the afternoon of my third float specifically, because as I walked out into the busy streets of Toronto, I looked around and smiled.  I felt well rested and completely, totally relaxed and rejuvenated.  In the car, I cranked up the tunes and enjoyed my drive home!

A Newer and Better Person

It seems each time I float, I experience myself and my body at bit more, a bit clearer.  I reach deeper levels of relaxation.  And each time I come out of the float pod happier, more aware, and generally just feeling like a newer and better person.

Our lives are so jammed packed, running here and there, balancing work and personal life, chauffeuring kids from one extra curricular activity to the next, worrying about bills, and stressing over money.

There is just so much constantly going on. 

When is the last time you really--honestly--took some time out for yourself, to unplug, to relax and to enjoy?  I use to feel guilty about floating, spending money on myself, taking time for me...Until I experienced the benefits of floating.  Even my kids felt those benefits.  A well-rested, relaxed mom makes for a happy mom. 

You are worth it!