Join Our Band of Explorers

Floating is an adventure.  Each time you float alone in your tank, you get to go on another solo tour of your body, your mind, and your many inward states.  Your expedition can take you in a million directions.  Each time you enter that tank, you are excited, because you don't know where you will end up, and sometimes at the end of your float, you don't even know where you've been.  The soft music roused you from who knows where.

Yes, floating is a unique kind of reconnaissance mission.  You get to step into that floating chamber to gather new information about your body's muscles and joints and tendons, and the tensions you hold inside you.  You can explore all those tiny, minute inner sensations that you usually can't feel when you're so hectic, scrambling to get your work done.  Floating gives you the time to do some serious inward touring of your body and your mind. 

Your adventure continues after your float.  Once you step out of your float chamber, you continue to discover new things about your world.  One of the first surprises is that your senses are so much sharper.  Colours are more vibrant.  Sounds are more pure.  Your body tingles. 

Floating is such a powerful tool, because it gives all those systems that make up your body and mind and spirit a chance to really start working together instead of working against each other.  If you float regularly, you start to walk around feeling this dynamic synergy.  Though you are outside the float tank most of the time, your regular floats help you feel this inner alignment, where all those parts of you are going in the same direction.  It's empowering.  Over time, you feel like a pioneer who is just about to take a brand new trip into your own life.  

Come and explore with us.

Come and explore with us.

We're looking for explorers to join us in telling their stories about what they have discovered by floating.  Over the next few months, Flowt K-W will be adding to our merry band of explorers.  We will be asking our fellow floaters to share their written blogs or their video testimonials.   We intend to unroll a special program for our local artists, asking them to share their art inspired by their floating. For all of these, we will be providing free floats.

And we will be taking applications for ambassadors who can help us get out the word about floating and its many, many benefits.   There are many people in our community who are committed to providing the same kinds of benefits that floating provides, using other modalities, techniques and practices.  They would make great ambassadors.  So, we want to showcase their work just as they promote floating.

Interested?  Sound like fun? Then join us.  Right now, for starters, we are giving a free float for a blog post. Our bloggers will be the first beta testers once our 4 tanks are up and running.  Send us an e-mail.  And we will keep you informed as we roll out new programs.  Our Grand Opening is less than 2 months away, and we can't wait for our joint expedition to begin.